Smart travel, accompanied travel!

Let's talk about carpooling this time. A practical, economical and, above all, environmentally friendly solution! In today's fast-moving world, means of transport are changing to meet people's needs while continuing to protect our planet as best we can. And there are a growing number of solutions, including car-sharing, which is booming in Belgium, offering a practical solution as well as being rather pleasant. Let's take a closer look.

A modern initiative for intelligent travel

Car-sharing - sharing a journey with other people - has become increasingly popular in Belgium in recent years. The concept is a direct result of our technological advances, with the development of online applications and platforms that make it much easier for passengers and drivers to get in touch. There are two possibilities for this type of transport: shorter journeys such as home-to-work or longer journeys involving long-distance travel.

The advantages of travelling accompanied

As well as being more enjoyable by sharing a moment with other people or meeting new people, these systems offer a host of benefits for travellers and the environment alike.

1. More economical: given current prices, sharing fuel costs is clearly a major advantage. It's a great way to cut costs significantly.

2. More environmentally friendly: car sharing makes a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Fewer vehicles on the road means a smaller carbon footprint.

3. A social advantage: it encourages interaction. More opportunities to meet and talk to other people. And what's more, you'll have company while you're on the move!

4. Fewer traffic jams: as the number of vehicles on the road is reduced, this can ease congestion, particularly in urban areas.

Car-sharing in Belgium

Car-sharing is growing all the time, thanks to the various platforms that have been set up to bring drivers and passengers together. Mobile applications offer a very complete experience: you can plan your journey, reserve seats and pay in complete security.

The government is very much in favour of this kind of concept, as it also reduces pressure on transport infrastructure and contributes to environmental objectives.

What about car-sharing?

Car sharing is also booming in Belgium. Especially in the big cities, where we've realised that we don't need our cars that often. It's a real solution, easy and practical, because it saves you the cost of maintenance and parking. All you have to do is collect a self-service car from one of the listed stations and return it to another. So it's not only more economical, but also more environmentally friendly, because you'll be making fewer journeys by car.

The options available to you

For car-sharing :

For shared cars:

In conclusion, car-sharing overturns the traditional codes we have always known about car transport, but it offers a real alternative that is intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly. By sharing journeys, it promotes community and collaboration while meeting the needs of increasingly modern mobility.

This alternative is becoming more and more popular with the public every year, so it plays an important role in building a more sustainable future for travel. So the next time you're planning a trip, remember: travel smart, travel with someone!