The Golden Palace Group, a pioneer in the Belgian gaming industry for sixty years, operates more than 40 class B casinos, sports betting agencies, an online gaming and betting site, 175 newsagents and 2 casinos in France. With its unconditional values of benevolence, care, close relationships and enjoyment, Golden Palace gives priority to the well-being of its employees and customers. Golden Palace offers its 600 employees a pleasant and family-friendly working environment, constantly enriched by a training policy.

The world of games of chance, a sector on the move

Whether in rooms or online, our industry is constantly evolving. What could be more motivating than daily challenges to make your days more interesting? Far from a routine job, a job at Golden Palace will make you want to surpass yourself, and we are here to assist you.

Fun for its customers? That goes without saying!
Fun for its staff? Of course!

A pleasant working environment, opportunities for development, training, and so on. Golden Palace wants to build a lasting relationship with every one of its employees and offers them working conditions based on its fundamentals: Benevolence, Care, Close Relationships and Enjoyment.

Looking for a job to show off your talents? Take a look at the many opportunities Golden Palace has to offer.

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