Discover Brussels differently: zero emissions, 100% fun

Mobility Week takes place every year in Brussels and throughout Europe. Promoting sustainable mobility is a day-to-day job, but this week is an opportunity for everyone to set up new actions or highlight existing initiatives. It will run from September 16 to 22, with the first major event being Car Free Sunday on September 17. It's a week to get to know the alternatives to the car: train, tram, bus, bike... Get ready to discover Brussels in a different way!

On Sunday September 17, the Brussels-Capital Region will be transformed for a day. From 9.30am to 7pm, our beautiful Brussels will become a car-free zone, the largest in Europe. It's a great opportunity for everyone to rediscover the pleasure of walking, scooting, cycling or taking public transport. A calmer city with a different quality of life, where soft mobility will be the order of the day.

A theme full of meaning

This year's theme is once again perfectly chosen, making sense in the direction we're heading: "Save Energy".
Every Mobility Week has a very specific aim: to encourage Europe's citizens, as well as businesses and local authorities, to take initiatives to reduce pollution. And that starts with mobility, by finding alternative means of transport to reduce our CO2 emissions, and therefore favouring soft mobility to reduce the excessive use of cars which, as well as polluting, create major traffic jams. Not to mention the noise pollution it causes.

Brussels as a playground

Car Free Sunday will take place not only in the city of Brussels, but also in the entire Brussels region, even though it has now become a truly Europe-wide event. There will be no traffic throughout the region, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet and take part in the various activities planned. It's sure to be a fun-filled day!
And everyone's pitching in, because as well as the activities put on by the public authorities and local councils, companies, associations and organisations are coming up with more and more things every year. Events, conferences and other green initiatives are being organised: here's an overview of what you can do this Sunday September 17 in Brussels.

1. Traditional festivities in the Îlot Sacré

The 61st edition of this major event features brass bands and parades in the colours of Brussels folklore, as well as live concerts, street entertainment and shows of all kinds. It's a chance for the Îlot Sacré, Brussels' famous historic quarter and UNESCO World Heritage Site, to show off its best side!

2. Folklorissimo or Brussels folklore festivals

Various events are planned around the Grand-Place and Manneken Pis to plunge you into the heart of Brussels' heritage. Entertainment and music are on the programme!

3. Bucolic Brussels

Formerly known as "Bruxelles Champêtre", the Place des Palais will be festive and natural for a day. From 10am to 7pm, 50 local and sustainable exhibitors will be on hand, along with entertainment, music, slow food, local breweries and shows. An event based on people and the environment, where those involved in the city of tomorrow come together to raise awareness among visitors. An opportunity to rethink the way we consume!

4. Heritage Days

The theme of this 35th Heritage Days event is "Art Nouveau, art for all? A must if you want to discover the rich heritage of the city of Brussels in terms of buildings, institutions and real estate.

5. Beursschouwburg

The exhibition theatre is also celebrating! This arts centre in the heart of Brussels is a veritable platform for young artists, with an exciting programme including brunches, concerts and workshops for young and old.
There will also be Bike Station Services to look after your bikes and scooters, competitions with lots of prizes to be won, events, flea markets, concerts and mobility villages planned in the centre of Brussels, as well as in many other communes such as Jette, Ixelles, Auderghem and Forest.


The rest of Belgium is also involved, with initiatives in Wallonia and Flanders. Each region is proposing its own activities to take part in this European event. This new edition of Mobility Week 2023 will show Belgium in a whole new light!


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