Women's sports also have their place at Golden Palace

We are proud to announce that we have just signed a sponsorship contract with Caroline Soussigne, a Belgian triathlete from Tarcienne. Immersed in the world of sports since her youth, Caroline started mountain bike racing at the age of 7. Very quickly, sport and more particularly cycling, took a very important place in her life. The young woman is also a sports physiotherapist.

Common values
Resilience, perseverance, surpassing oneself: Caroline seduced Golden Palace above all thanks to her human qualities! Throughout personal and sportive obstacles, the young woman has always given the best of herself. After a serious ankle injury in May 2021, she took on the crazy challenge of returning to competition in September of the same year.

One goal led to another, and Caroline participated in the Ironman Nice just one year after her injury and qualified for the Ironman world championship in Hawaii. With 3.9 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km walking, it's the dream race for any triathlete. Caroline completed the Ironman in 11 hours 51 minutes and 37 seconds, placing her 44th in her category.

"In addition to Caroline's undeniable perseverance, many of her other values are appreciated and shared by our Group: passion, working together as a family, discipline combined with pleasure... And above all, the love of sport! It's a partnership that makes sense and is totally in line with who we are and what we aspire to become" Daniela Menegalli, CEO of Golden Palace.

Differentiate ourselves from the competition
We decided to support this inspiring sportswoman not only for her human qualities, but also because it is in line with our desire to promote women's sports. It is clear that there is a growing interest in women athletes and teams. However, women's sports benefit from much less visibility and means than men's sports. With this commitment, we hope to have a positive impact with concrete actions.

In addition to this desire to be a vanguard, we want to support a lesser-known sport that deserves to be highlighted: triathlon. This demanding sport requires constant effort combined with an ability to excel in several very different areas. What could be more representative of Golden Palace's ambition and agility in the two sectors of sport and casino?

A win-win sponsorship and partnership
In addition to accepting to support Caroline in this exceptional competition requiring a budget much larger than the potential winnings, we decided to be by her side for a whole year. This partnership represents an additional opportunity to link sponsorship and CSR by engaging, together, employees and partner sports teams. Because of her profession and expertise in the field of sports, Caroline will be able to accompany the Golden Palace teams throughout their preparation for the 25 and 100 kms of the Oxfam Trail.