The Cat joins Golden Palace

What if we told you that Golden Palace will soon welcome a cat? But not just any cat, mind you... The Cat, a 3-metre high cat weighing over 2 tonnes, all signed by Geluck.

We'll give you a sneak preview: Golden Palace has acquired a monumental sculpture of the famous cat who, for many years now, has been making people laugh and think with his gags and jokes.

But what for? Apart from the fact that we appreciate it very much, it is a concrete way for our Group to show its support for Belgian cultural and artistic development. We can proudly say that we contributed to the creation of the Cat Museum!

It is also the perfect opportunity to bring a bit of Belgium to France, since after a tour of several cities (including Brussels at the moment), the Cat will be visiting the Golden Palace Casino in Boulogne-sur-Mer in a few months' time.

Called "On en plein le dos" by its creator, this work represents the Cat carrying at arm's length a huge sphere full of plastic waste... A (sadly) topical theme that will undoubtedly be echoed along the beaches of Boulogne!