Operation Shoe-Box, solidarity in a box

After 5 editions, Operation Shoe-Box, launched by the ngo Les Samaritains, has become a tradition at Golden Palace. Totally in line with our values, we support it each time with generosity and the will to give more. To give more, but also to receive, because an initiative such as this also yields a lot: the feeling of being useful, the joy of contributing, the hope of making society a little more beautiful, and all this as a team/family!

New this year: the customers of our gaming halls have also been invited to join this beautiful solidarity movement. Thanks to them and to our Golden Palace and Press Shop & More collaborators, many Shoe-Boxes were collected. These were offered to our partner Restos du Coeur Laken, from where they will be distributed in the coming days to people in need.

Let's talk about numbers!
The record of last year (47 boxes) was beaten by a wide margin, with 230 Shoe-Box on the counter! Just as many people will receive a gift that will certainly warm their hearts during this holiday season.

How about we make the counter go up even more next year?