Solidarity - Operation "Rentrée des classes" with the Restos du coeur de Laeken

The new school year is here. While it should be synonymous for everyone with a reunion with school friends, more and more children do not have enough to fill their school bags...

Faced with this sad fact, the Belgian Federation of Restos du cœur has repeated its "Back to School Operation". The objective? To call for donations of school equipment and thus enable more than 3,000 children in need in Belgium to have a peaceful back-to-school period.

Golden Palace has once again decided to join forces with the Restos du coeur by organising an internal collection of school equipment. From pencils to school bags and protractors, our employees contributed as much as they could to this good deed. The supplies collected in just a few days were taken to the Restos du coeur branch in Laeken and then distributed to families in need.