[They talk about us - Golden Palace Casino Sports speaks out on LN24]

"We are one of the most controlled sectors in Belgium".
"We need to regulate advertising, but we shouldn't ban it. If we go too far, we go backwards."

This Friday, January 13, Massimo Menegalli, co-CEO of the Golden Palace Casino Sports Group, took part in a debate on LN24's "Pour info" program. Topic of the day: "Games of chance and money: will Friday the 13th bring luck?".

In addition to talking about the use of Friday the 13th and the beliefs linked to it for marketing purposes, it was above all an opportunity on this day of good luck/ bad luck (there are many different convictions) to talk about the games of chance sector, which is still largely unknown, and related money topics. Issues such as gambling addiction and the evolution of Belgian legislation were discussed.

An exciting moment of exchange in the presence of the Commission and another private actor illustrating a societal debate that is well underway. You can watch the entire program below or on the LN24 website.